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The health of Lake Erie

29-07-2015 Hits:139

The health of Lake Erie

A satellite image by NOAA taken July 27 shows the algal bloom near the area.As predicted by multiple organizations, there is a harmful algal bloom in Lake Erie. How we’ve...

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Sea hawks are making a comeback in Ottaw…

26-07-2015 Hits:208

Sea hawks are making a comeback in Ottawa County

A female Osprey getting banded at ONWR. By Heidi Hughes, Ottawa National Wildlife RefugePhotos by Heidi HughesNot the football team.  We’re talking about real, live fish eating birds of prey: Ospreys.

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Live art continues at the GPCAAC Art Wal…

24-07-2015 Hits:406

Live art continues at the GPCAAC Art Walk

On Thursday, July 23, the Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council held another Art Walk in downtown Port Clinton. The weather was perfect for strolling the streets and seeing art...

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15,000 native plant species introduced at Great Egret Marsh

The Nature Conservancy Great Egret Marsh preserve on Buck Road recently planted native 15,000 plant species as part of a habitat restoration project. The plan is to return the land into its natural state which would be a wetland.

“We are attempting to turn this area back into what it was,” said Tara Baranowski, Lake Erie Coast and Islands Project Manager. “There will be marsh where water will be encouraged to gather. We would like to connect East Harbor to encourage migratory birds and native species to come to this area. The marsh will also increase filtration in the storm runoff.”


World War II on the Lakeside-Marblehead home front

By Linda Huber, LHS Board Member
Ask people what’s special about December 7, 1941 and people may tell you that is when World War II started. In fact, World War II started September 1, 1939 when Germany crossed the Polish border with armored columns and attack aircraft. Within days most of Europe was deeply involved in a conflict that had nations taking up sides for and against Germany. A week after fighting began in Poland, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared a limited national emergency which allowed the recall to active duty of retired Armed Forces regulars. In September 1940 Japan aligned itself with Germany and Italy to become the third of the “Axis” powers. Throughout 1941 the U.S. and Japan were at diplomatic odds with the Japanese rejecting any stipulations being made by the United States. This rejection ultimately led to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which pushed the United States into becoming a full “Allied” partner with Britain and France against the “Axis” powers of Germany, Italy and Japan.

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