Accelerated Readers boost reading achievement at ICS

Reading is top priority at Immaculate Conception School. ICS is more than excited with the school’s most recent MAP testing scores which placed the school above the national and diocesan averages in reading. Part of the school’s success is credited to the addition of the Accelerated Reading Program. Renaissance Learning’s Accelerated Reader is a K12 program that serves as a platform for teachers to manage independent reading practices. Students read books at the appropriate level and then take a quiz to show they understood what they’ve read. The web-based program provides access to over 160,000 quizzes, enabling students to choose from a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction books. Renaissance Accelerated Reader has been a valuable asset to ICS and the testing results prove its value.  Students are given 3 goals for reading each month. 

Pictured are the students who mastered these goals during the month of February. Front Row: Noah Fitt, Morgan Wiechman, Kerynn Christiansen, Oliver Fall.  Back Row:  Leila Peterson, Evelyn Zam, Madison Wiechman, Mason Short, Bert Fall, and Samuel Roberts. Absent from the picture is Jaden Laney.


Rachel Spicer is Principal for a Day at ICS

First grader Rachel Spicer got right to work on Tuesday in her new position as principal (for a day) at Immaculate Conception School. Rachel was more than excited to take the helm and put the ICS students right to work with a coloring contest for the whole school. She judged the pictures and awarded prizes.


ICS honors students

Perfect Attendance for the second quarter went to: Front Row: Brayden Busby, Thaddeus Wierzba, Charley Kruse, Megan Zgodzinski, Morgan Wiechman, Ethan Reed, Luke Spicer, Logan Mazur, Austin Leis, and Landon Leis. Back Row: Dawson Scott, Rachel Spicer, Bert Fall, Samuel Roberts, Morgan Wiechman, Stefanie Jadwisiak, Evelyn Zam, Leila Peterson, Dillon Scott.

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