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German Parliament visits ONWR

13-10-2015 Hits:41

German Parliament visits ONWR

Members of the German Parliament recently visited the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. The ten foreign delegates were visiting the Toledo and Detroit areas through a program sponsored by the Friedrich...

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Marblehead Daze Pub and Art Crawl

11-10-2015 Hits:291

Marblehead Daze Pub and Art Crawl

Mike Roder (L), owner of the Catawba Island Brewery, and Matt Ritter (R), artist and Catawba Island Brewery employee, share a brew with a portrait of Frankenstein’s monster that Ritter...

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U.S. Gypsum makes recess colorful, fun a…

10-10-2015 Hits:359

U.S. Gypsum makes recess colorful, fun and educational in Oak Harbor

Employees hard at work painting the playground. The Intra-District Goals Committee for the B-C-S School District is thrilled to announce that a large-scale painting project was recently completed on the playground...

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Be a Booster of B-C-S.

As Benton-Carroll-Salem School District prepares for the upcoming school year, so also do the Booster and Family groups who do so much to support and promote the students of B-C-S. 

"Our district is very fortunate to have so many parents, family, and community members who selflessly give countless hours to support our students and provide so many rich and rewarding experiences," said Superintendent Guy Parmigian.


Crews to survey Portage River to find sea lampreys

Sea lamprey

The continuing battle against sea lampreys will soon come to locations in the local area.  A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service assessment crew will conduct work in the Portage River, in Ottawa County. Surveys will take place from July 28 to August 6 to determine if sea lampreys are present in the river, which flows into Lake Erie near Port Clinton.  The information gathered will be used to determine the need for sea lamprey control.


Oak Harbor installing new water and electric meters

Over the next several months, the Village of Oak Harbor will begin installing new water and electric meters in homes and businesses throughout the entire service area. Our current meters range in age from just a few years old to over 40 years of being in service.  Working with Vanguard Utility Service, Inc. and HD Supply, installation of the new meters may require representatives of these organizations to enter your home or business if either or both of the meters are located inside the building. If both the electric and water meters are outside of the home or business, the representatives will attempt to notify the occupants prior to the change out by knocking on the door. If entry to the home or business is required, representatives will make several attempts at scheduling an appointment. The vendors will be establishing a local telephone number for residents to call to if an appointment needs to be made.

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