Get ready for some (financial) spring cleaning

It’s time for spring cleaning. This year, why not go beyond your house and yard and “spruce up” your financial situation?

For starters, clean your portfolio of “clutter” — those investments that no longer meet your needs.

You also might want to consolidate all your investments in one place. This could help you reduce fees and expenses. Even more importantly, it might make it easier for you to follow a central, unified investment strategy.

And, just as your spring cleaning may include checking gutters for leaks and sidewalks for cracks, you’ll want to help protect your financial foundation by ensuring that you have adequate life and disability insurance.

Finally, some of your spring cleaning jobs, such as deep cleaning a carpet, may require professional assistance. Similarly, handling some of the more complex investment tasks, such as creating and maintaining a suitable portfolio, might require you to work with an investment professional.

These spring cleaning tips may help put some sparkle and shine into your financial “house.”

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