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Get ready to rock at Gem Beach

Gem Beach Rocks V is fast approaching. Gather with friends from noon to 8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 8, on the shores of Lake Erie at Gem Beach on Catawba Island to enjoy a day filled with music, food and cold beverages.    
Co-chairmen are John Schaffner and Greg Peiffer, both talented print and radio broadcasters for more than 30 years.
The headliner band is Pumpin Ethyl who will perform along with The Roadhouse Band from Cleveland, one of the hottest bands for all the Bike Rallies; Ronnie Howard with Cruisin;’ and the old guys that still rock, The Lounge Lizards. The event will be jam packed with classic rock ’n’ roll music all day.


Port Clinton Middle School announces awards

Port Clinton Middle School held the annual Honors Convocation on Thursday, May 24, 2012 at the Port Clinton High School Performing Arts Center. The following awards were presented for the 2011-12 school year:

Perfect Attendance
• Fleet 6 — Jared Depner, Nicholas Mainous, Anthony Nesbitt
• Fleet 7 — Alexander Camerato
• Fleet 8 — Ellis Adolph, Heaven Bassett, Joseph Miller, Alexis Whitt.

Outstanding Attendance
• Fleet 6 — Mary Bowers, Bailey Cole, Madelyn Gerwin, Leslee Gilleland, Erin Hiller, Blake Kelly, Alex Koskela, Delayna Laurel, Chelsea Lee, Amber Luma, Alexandrea Rose, Jerald Sedilko, Lauren Shaw, Brianna Stout, Joshua Street, Dawson Tommer, Brianna Turner.
• Fleet 7 — Austin Arnold, Kenneth Boyle, Dean Colston, Skyler Cook, Meghan Gallogly, Alyssa Krupp, Angelo Martell, Hannah Roberts, Taylor Rollins, Nathan Stayancho, Austin Vargas.
• Fleet 8 — Abreanna Arnold, Tristan Auxter, Ashtyn Baney, Maddison Cole, James Crowl, Marissa Day, Kelsey Dietrich, Nick Finley, Olivia Heckerd, Jessica Hofacker, Rachelle Hofacker, Salvatore Martell, Tamera Rogers, Maranda Santoya, Emily Shaw, Bethany Urban, Leah Warner.

Principals List All Trimesters
• Fleet 6 — Hailey Ball, Kyle Dietrich, Emma Eickert, Erin Hiller, Kirsten Lorge, Nicholas Mainous, Claudia Rosiar, Max Rumbarger, Lauren Shaw, Paige Steyer, Lauren Steyer, Megan Ziembowicz.
• Fleet 7 — Joseph Brenner, Keegan Chapman, Trevor Frias, Natalie Gottron, Courtney Koebel, Alyssa Krupp, Logan Martinez, Matthew Paeth, Emily Reineck, Rachel Reineck, Hannah Roberts, Stephanie Wheeler.
• Fleet 8 — Ellis Adolph, Carter Frye, Katelyn Koebel, Taylor Steyer.

High Honors all year
• Fleet 6 — Ashlyn Borton, Mary Bowers, Merissa Jagucki, Blake Kelly, Jack Kessler, Drew Kopchak, Alexander Koskela, Delayna Laurel, Amber Luma, Madeline Recker, Jadan Rogers, Isabelle Rospert, Allie Veverka, Morgan Wojciechowski, John Young.
• Fleet 7 — Zachary Barr, Kenneth Boyle, Paul Dress,
Samantha Emmons, Devin Feuhrer, Meghan Gallogly, Victoria Glaze, Asha Guerra, Jacob Koch, Samantha McGlothlin, Morgan McLaughlin, Hailey Marez, Collin Miller, Amelia Morrow, Anthony Paradiso, Andrea Rewoldt, Taylor Rollins, Alex St. Leger, Austin Vargas, Ellen Walters, Katelyn Wammes, Breeyana Wells.
• Fleet 8 — Sydney Alexander, Tristan Auxter, Ashtyn Baney, Cydney Bass, Gina Buono, Katelyn Chapman, Allison Cline, Maddison Cole, Kelsey Dietrich, Kassie Finneran, Jasmine Garcia, Clarissa Gonzalez, Christopher Haghiri, Adrianna Hall, Olivia Heckerd, Logan Hepp, Miranda Herevia, Jessica Hofacker, Ashley Householder, Steven Kast, Ebony Kleinhans, Michael Leone, Baileigh Limestahl, Sierra Magi, Joseph Miller, Brandon Moore, Alyssa Peto, Bradley Rich, Collin Rider,Maranda Santoya, Emily Shaw, Noah Smith, Natalie Stitak, Nathan Stubblefield, Alana Sutherland, Courtney Trent, Bethany Urban, Megan Vallance, Spencer Wadsworth, Abigail Waite, Adam Wells.

Department Awards
• Math — Lauren Shaw, Matthew Paeth, Taylor Steyer.
• Reading — Paige Steyer, Alyssa Krupp, Maddison Cole.
• Writing — Ashlyn Borton, Trevor Frias, Kelsey Dietrich.
• Social Studies — Megan Ziembowicz, Joe Brenner.
• American History — Gina Buono
• Science — Blake Kelley, Rachel Bou-Sliman, Ellis Adolph.
• Art — Kayce Deal, Melvin McCord, Baileigh Limestahl
• Computer — Max Rumbarger, Hannah Roberts, Carter Frye.
• Work & Family — Stone York, Madison White, Leo Alvarado.
• Industrial Tech — Erin Hiller, Emerson Lowe, Lydia Bacon.
• Choral — Ariel Koepplinger, A.J. Carpenter, Nate Stubblefield, Tori Glaze.
• Band — Hailey Ball, Zach Barr,     Adam Wells
• Orchestra — Lauren Steyer, Katie Wiewandt, Miranda Rawlins.
• Physical Education — Tony Nesbitt, Logan Martinez, Drew Fodor
Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Middle School Athletics and Academics were presented to Ashtyn Baney and Nathan Stubblefield. Brandon Moore and Bethany Urban received the Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award.
Taylor Steyer was honored with the Principal’s Award of Distinction. The Principal’s Award of Distinction is given annually to an eighth grade student who has shown the following qualities during his or her two years at Port Clinton Middle School: Dependability, Cooperation, Citizenship, and Scholarship. In addition, to be considered for this award, during the two years, the individual must have had excellent attendance and behavior, and contributed to the support and spirit of the student body. A committee of middle school faculty members makes the nominations.
See the photo album from the PCMS Convocation online at

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