8th grade students present Mag-Lev Project

Mr. Brad Schlagheck, 8th grade science teacher, along with 8th grade science students presenting their Mag-lev project at the March 1 B-C-S Board meeting.

The Benton-Carroll-Salem Board of Education met for its regular business meeting on March 1.

The District Highlight was presented by 8th grade students and science teacher Mr. Brad Schlagheck. The title of the presentation was Forces & Motion with Maglev. The students explained their learning on how magnets lead to motion. Students demonstrated this action with a model car and track designed by the class.

In Treasurer business, a resolution was approved accepting the "Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission and Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Certifying them to the County Auditor."

The Board approved the following personnel items:  Approved Emeritus Employment for Mrs. Roberta Rounds for two years;  approved supplemental contracts for the 2016-2017 Spring Athletic Season as well as Ms. Ellen Tucker, Spring Musical Director, Mr. Travis Magoto, Spring Musical Orchestra Director, and Mrs. Beckie Goldstein as Spring Musical Pianist; Karis Thiel, Kristen Cunningham, and Sam Radel were approved as volunteer chaperones for the Marine Science Trip; Analisa Turnow, Jennifer Heffernan and Amanda Thomas were approved as Tutors.  The Board also approved the transfer of Jennifer Stewart from Classroom Assistant to Assistant Secretary for R.C. Waters and Student Services; Approved Haley Delahamaide as a USA Swim Club Lifeguard; Accepted the resignation of Amber Gahler as Middle School Cheerleading Coach and Pat Setzler as Classroom Assistant. The job descriptions for Nursing Attendant and District Social Services Coordinator were approved. Contracts were approved for Erika Ager as Nursing Attendant and Cheryl Jefferson as District Social Services Coordinator.  A transfer was granted for Jennifer Giezie from District Gifted Intervention Specialist to Teacher at Oak Harbor Middle School. An Administrative Contract for Alison Wolf as assistant principal at Oak Harbor High School was also approved.

In other business, donations were accepted by the Board with gratitude from Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Radel to the Marine Science Program, Croll Farms to the Girls Softball Account, Mr. and Mrs. John Coppeler and Mr. and Mrs. Andy Benko to the Oak Harbor Choir Account. A Funding Agreement with United Way of Greater Toledo for the Launch Pad Kindergarten Readiness Program, and an Agreement with the TNT Mentoring Program for tutoring were approved. An Agreement with architectural firm LevelHeads for a Security Vestibule Project at Oak Harbor High School was approved.

The Board held discussion on several topics including Facilities Planning and a High School One-to-One Computer Pilot Project for the 8th grade. The Superintendent also discussed with the Board a Table Top Exercise that was recently held to assess security and safety readiness. The Superintendent explained that it was a worthwhile exercise, and thanked Fred Petersen, Director of the Ottawa County Emergency Management Agency, who led the exercise. The Board also discussed the latest news and potential impacts relative to the Davis Besse Nuclear Power Station. The Board also discussed that they wish to go forward with the Vestibule Security Project at the High School.

The next scheduled regular meeting of the Benton-Carroll-Salem Board meeting is Thursday, March 23, at 6 p.m. at the Board of Education Office. Please note that this meeting deviates from the regular meeting time of the Board, which is the 4th Tuesday of each month.

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