Bond issue on hold for B-C-S

During a work session held on Tuesday, March 7, the Benton-Carroll-Salem Board of Education voted unanimously to take a bond issue off the May 2 ballot. The Board cited the great uncertainty surrounding Davis-Besse Nuclear Power plant, and its possible devaluation and/or sale. A devaluation of the plant would mean an increase in the taxes of residents and farmers if the bond issue passed.

The Board believes that the need for a new K-7 building for students still exists. However, the inability to clearly communicate the cost of the new building swayed the Board to vote to pull the bond issue off the ballot in May. The Board also considered the thoughts of the citizens group who promoted the bond issue after meeting with them on Tuesday.

The effort for a new K-7 School will continue in the future at a time when the cost is more clear and transparent. "We have weathered the storm of deregulation 20 years ago, and we are still here. We will continue to be focused on what is best for students in the future," said Board President Steve Rhodes.

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