Real estate transfers

Bay Township

7-18-13 Edna Neff to John and Rosemary Ahrens, 659 South Schau Road, $36,666.

Carroll Township

7-15-13 Robert G. and Deborah L. Edmiston to William H. and Babette A. Stahnke, 7350 Wall Street, $125,000.

Catawba Township

7-18-13 Dorothy Wall to Joel and Debra Sherer, 2594 East Sun Valley Drive #203, $92,500.
7-19-13 Ronald D. Gilroy Sr. and Alice F. Gilroy to Gary A. and Kristen M. Salvage, 1623 NE Catawba Road # 107, $20,000.
7-19-13 Rickey and Martha DeMuesy to Kenneth William Rasmussen, 1859 NE Catawba Road #142, $118,000.

Danbury Township

7-16-13 Calvin C. Kraushaar to Ronald E. and Barbara Ann Dentinger, 5745 Mistic Bay Point, $550,000.
7-17-13 Tyrone Stokes to Mike’s Bayfront Camping Inc, Lightner Road, $20,000.
7-17-13 Estate of Charline Stokes to Mike’s Bayfront Camping Inc, 1955 Lightner Road, $105,000.
7-19-13 Robert Ehrhart to Patrick and Karla Meisner, 2021 South Danna Lane, $81,000.
7-19-13 M.V.P. LTD to Daniel M. and Jean M. Bednar, 2196 South Emerald Shores, $105,000
7-19-13 Jeffrey Hurlbut to Charles Beamer, 2651 South Amherst Drive, $195,000.
7-19-13 Leonard and Susan Sorrentino to Rickey and Martha Demuesy, 2251 South Harbor Bay Drive, $375,000.

Elmore Corp.

7-16-13 Weis Brothers Investments LLC et al to Linda A. Millhime, Rice Street, $149,000.
7-16-13 Cathryn P. Carnes and Brian K. Martin to Danielle L. Brewer and Samuel L. and Doris J. Clay, 626 Clinton, $119,000.
7-16-13 Andrew P. Hemminger to Bradley and Julie Hemminger, 422 Fremont Street, $77,000.

Erie Township

7-15-13 J & K Real Properties, LLC to Port Clinton Canvac, LLC, 1580 West Lakeshore Drive, $28,000.
7-15-13 James J. and Rebecca J. Reinbolt to Sweeney Marsh Inc., West Lakeshore Drive, vacant land 49.9 acres $100,000.
7-19-13 Fred A. Pachasa to Riparian Villa LLC, 3500 Willow Garcia Drive, $900.

Genoa Corp.

7-17-13 Terry L. and Rita A. Jester to Jerry Herbert and Kay Lynne Schaller, Cherry Street, vacant land $3,500.

Harris Township

7-15-13 Eric T. and Tammy J. Jahns to Stephen and Sharon K. Lockhart, 15983 West State Route 105, $105,000.  

Marblehead Corp

7-17-13 Bay Pointe Acquisition LLC to David and Jennifer Azzzolina, 405 Bay Point Blvd., $435,000.  

Portage Township

7-19-13 Paula M. Dugan to Stephen J. Bacek, 66 East Wilcox Road, $85,000.

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