Real estate transfers

Allen Township

    7-9-13 Michael Huss and Sarah Bennett to Ronald G. Rightnowar, 22090 West Bittersweet Lane, $153,000.

Bay Township

    7-12-13 David L. and Sarah E. Roenigk to Gerald Alvin Heminger III and Tammy Jo Heminger, 674 North Star Place, $348,000.

Benton Township

    7-11-13 Dorothy E. Busse to John and Susan Weidner, 1636 North Rocky Ridge, $65,000.

Catawba Township

    7-9-13 B C Resorts LLC to Michael and Carolyn Van Cleve, 4340-A Marin Woods, $100,000.

    7-9-13 William J. Urban Jr. to Dominic A. and Mary Beth Rega, 986 Lost Lake Road, $392,000.

    7-10-13 Linda L. Zobrist to Catherine A. Colleran, 0 Commodore Lots 91 & 92, $15,000.

    7-10-13 Donald A. and Elena Rossi Somers to Christopher W. and Kara L. Shee, 4365 East Link Street, $170,000.

    7-11-13 Kenneth S. and Deanna K. Foster to Michael V. Conrath, 3617 Karwood Drive, $179,950.

Clay Township

    7-11-13 Connie S. DeStazio to Steven G. Geisel and Lisa A. Eckenrode-Tidwell, 2210 North Brookside Blvd., &180,000.

Danbury Township

    7-8-13 Mary E. Meyers to Shawn and Jodi Alafita, 259 Hidden Beach Road, $45,000.

    7-9-13 Dennis Ontko to Roger Ontko, 2090 Tecumseh Blvd., $40,000.

    7-11-13 Jessica McKay, Caroline C. Frank and Michael J. Frank to Francksters LLC, 9803 Avalon Park, $101,450.

    7-12-13 Scott M. and Kay Lyn Low to Dale W. and Julia M. Cassidy, Cherry Street, vacant land $55,000.

    7-12-13 Robbie K. Hartshell to Thomas C. and Rosemary Steigerwald, 1510 North Buck Road #99, $81,000.

Harris Township

    7-10-13 Elizabeth A. Oberlin to Douglas B. and Shelia M. Roberts, 18509 State Route 105, $105,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

    7-9-13 Federal National Mortgage Association to Patricia J. Fisher, 206 North Locust Street, $36,100.

Port Clinton Corp.

    7-10-13 Richard A. Long to Ohio Street Resort LLC, 815-817 Bataan Lane, $19,000.

Salem Township

    7-8-13 Jodi L. and Todd H. Buehler et al to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 12177 West State Route 105, $105,000.

    7-12-13 Dennis D. and Laura A. Warga to Robert E. and Barbara J. Wimmers, 1295 South Golf Lane, $148,000.

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