Real estate transfers for June 6, 2013

Allen Township

5-29-13 Patrick A. and Mary J. Beck to J.B.I. Corporation, 23130 West Trowbridge Road, $204,900.

5-30-13 Kempie L. and Martha S. Baker to John Zachel, 20955 North Toledo Street, $25,000.

5-30-13 Fannie Mae to Brenda L. Rost, 6950 Wildacre, $42,500.

Bay Township

5-29-13 Select Development Inc. to Port Clinton DG Inc., State Route 53, $132,000.

5-31-13 Howard F. and Linda A. Millhime to Gregory J. and Bonnie Sejd, 3110 Canal Street, $140,000.

Benton Township

5-28-13 Diane L. Wiedner and Darlene M. Truman to Jon C. and Nicole L. Weidner, 815 North Graytown Road, $100,000.

Catawba Township

5-28-13 Gary Milkovich to Joseph and Lynda Mack, 4311-B Marin Woods, $290,000.

5-29-13 John and Martha Mod to Paul and Nancy Martin, 1859 Catawba Road #151, $74,000.

5-31-13 Higgins Family Trust to Robert J. Martin, 4753 East Marsh View, $30,000.

5-31-13 Senco Properties Limited to John C. Hawker, 1640 North Eastwood Drive, $70,000.

Clay Center Corp

5-30-13 Eleanor E. Purney to Patrick and Erica Suto, 265 Fifth Street, $63,000.

Danbury Township

5-29-13 Ronald and Heide Martin to Edward and Gennie Waters, 617 Elm Street, $82,000.

5-31-13 Anthony Loschiavo to 2070 South Bailiwick LLC, 2070 South Bailiwick Lane, $300,000.

5-31-13 David V. and Virginia Wohlababugh and Daniel E. and Kimberly R. Niedbalski, 8149 Lake Blvd., $320,000.

Elmore Corp.

5-30-13 Christine A. Gahn to Carolyn L. McCreedy, 424 Lytle Street, $44,650.

Harris Township

5-30-13 Shane and Lisa D. Baldwin, 15970 West yeasting Road, $160,000.

5-30-13 Darrel Robert Wirebaugh and Karen O’Brien to John E. and Renee R. Avers, West State Route 105, new split $21,000.

5-30-13 John R. Kaylor to Rothert Farm Inc., West State Roure 105, vacant land $47,508.

5-31-13 William Hameister to Grant M. and Alissa J. Miller, 17918 West State Route 105, $55,600.

Marblehead Corp

5-31-13 Phillip Lee Kenner to Bryan C. and Angela N. Bender, 10951 East Bayshore Road #208C, $210,000.

5-31-13 Edwards A. Ibos to Michael S. and Nancy J. Ibos, 3492 Memorial Shoreway, $250,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

5-30-13 Paul C. and Maria C. Moon to Olena Yoss, 415 East 6th Street, $49,400.

Portage Township

5-31-13 Terry Wilkinson to Lee and Theresa R. Simms, 2416 East Schiewe Road, $236,500.

Put In Bay Village School

5-28-13 Joseph R. Leach to Donna K. Leseman, 166 Cessna, $219,000.

5-31-13 James and Deelight Grover to Dale and Christie Murdoch, 1009 West Shore Blvd., $495,000.

Rocky Ridge Corp

5-29-13 National Bank of Ohio to Tyler and Amanda Linton, 14230 West Court Street, $82,000.

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