Real estate transfers

Benton Township
3/6/17 Michael C & Meagan J Rhode to Gregory C & Amber M Worden, 15051 West State Route 2, $98,000.
3/6/17 Anthony J & Patricia E Brugnone to Kyle J Vonck, 1870 North Rocky Ridge Rd, $185,000.

Carroll Township
3/9/17 Gary T and Corianne Olson to Eric F and Vaowaluk Richardson, 11101 West Genzman Road, $258,000.
3-10-17 Christine Kay Scaroini, Nancy Carol Devens and Richard Devens and Carolyn Sue Freelandand David Earl and Ivanlynn Freeland to Melinda J Hill, 6374 Harris Harbor, $52,000.

Catawba Island Township
3/6/17 Thomas J Parke to Christopher Melena, 5525 E. Foxhaven Dr., $139,000. 
3/8/17 Donna J Ayers to Frank H Maresh, 2212 N Carriage, $220,000.
3/9/17 Lawrence F and Bernadette W Gunsorek to John and Alease Cameratta, Unit ws-133 Come Sail Away, $2,200.
3-9-17 Danny and Linda Rogers to David Dooge and Robin L DeGraff, 5416 Channel Drive, $235,000.
3-10-17 Rudolph T and Mary K Matejka to Frank J and Linda J Burdell, 1859 NE Catawba Road, Unit 116, $100,000.
3/10/17 David D and Jerelyn Leach to Jacquelyn Ann Vredenburgh, 1681 North Windward Drive, $157,000.

Clay Township
3/8/17 Cindy Hartman to Troy A Valasek, 1943 N Opfer-Lentz Rd, $57,500.

Danbury Township
3/9/17 W David Kirkwood Jr and Lisa Kirkwood to Kelly S and Marie A McManus and Richard P and Margaret A Hintzm 328 North Sackett Road, ½ int $52,000.
3/9/17 Mark D and Denice Kirwood to Kelly S and Marie A McManus and Richard P and Margaret A Hintz, 328 North Sackett Road, ½ int $52,000.

Marblehead Corp
3/7/17 Suzanne C Speelman to Scott Haver, 2123 & 0 Westview Dr, $200,000.

Oak Harbor Corp
3/6/17 Danielle L & John Boaz to Linda S Schmidt, 144 N Toussaint St., $66,000.

Port Clinton Corp
3/9/17 Joseph E and Nancy J Merola to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 130 East 6th Street, $38,000.

Portage Township
3/8/17 R. Dale Brown to Perkins Professional Centre LLC, 3720 E Aqua Aire Dr, $39,600.

Rocky Ridge Corp
3/7/17 Eric J and Jennifer Mansor to Joseph and Crystal Ross, 1478 Woodside Drive, $218,000.

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