Real estate transfers

Allen Township
2-13-17 Corey L and Janet M Hutcheson to Aaron James Nelson, 21202 West Toledo Street, $82,500.
2-14-17 Jack R Vogelpohl et al to Michael R Wood, 7181 North Short Street, $105,000.

Bay Township
2-15-17 Roger Lee Ice Jr and Elizabeth A Ice to Ryan J and Devra L Chapman, 1420 West Fremont Road, $169,000.
2-17-17 Jerry R Diebert to CitiFinancial Servicing LLC, 705 South Streeter Road, $44,000.

Benton Township
2-17-17 France A Helle to Kelly S McGinnis, 5187 North Elliston Trowbridge Road, $85,000.
2-17-17 Linda M Dehring to Katelyn D Tice, 13794 West Kolb Road, $169,000.

Carroll Township
2-13-17 William D and Carol A Loftus to Bradley K Bringman, 8906 Canada Goose, $78,000.
2-17-17 Melvin and Romaine C Szudarski to William E Bolin Jr, 1003 Middle Bass Lane, $15,000.

Catawba Island Township
2-13-17 Catawba Bay Condominiums LLC to Stephen C and Kaye A Dimoff, 5260 Red Bud Drive, $412,737.
2-16-17 Harbor’s edge Development I to Terry J and Judith M Reardon, 4730 Tradewinds Drive, $398,625.
2-16-17 Lillian J and James F Skorzewski to Stephen J Anthony and John M Anthony, 0 Killdeer,0 Canal and 0 Commodore, $86,000.
2-17-17 Timothy and Carol Neal to Meagan E Corsaro, 4638 East Catawba Woods Road, $92,500.
2-17-17 Kristen M and Gary A Salvage to Ray C and Jill M Thomas, 1623 ne Catawba Road #107, $32,400.
2-17-17 Elmer L Reiser to Gary and Kristine Salvage, 1623 NE Catawba Road #48, $25,000.

Clay Township
2-17-17 Catherine A Moore and Carol J Quillet to Olen D and Catherine A Moore, 2214 North Kathy Drive, $55,000.

Danbury Township
2-13-17 Bruce and Carol T Graham to Sue Maxwell, 162 Walnut Avenue #12, $65,000.
2-17-17 Phoebe P Borman to James A and Kelly Ann Collins, 0 Church Road, $100,000.

Erie Township
2-17-17 Diane R Hider to Steven Kokocinski, lots 281-300, lots 337-346 and lot 363 Willow Beach, $5,720.

Marblehead Corp
2-17-17 Cory J Sipert to Richard C and Diane L Venditti, 3826 Baycliff Drive, $165,000.

Middle Bass Island
2-13-17 Robert Wm and Penelope Marie Grosser to Gary L Byers and Joan H Rife, 0 Grape, new split $5,500.

Port Clinton Corp
2-13-17 Darlene J Barnes to Joseph F and Linda S Edinger, 44 Grande Lake Drive, $142,000.
2-17-17 Alvin G and Judy L Ward to Marty Folger, 230 Linden Street, $56,600.
2-17-17 Jolen M and Joshua Lochotzki to Elliot B Doust, 317 East 3rd Street, $77,000.
2-17-17 Carol Conquest Derivan to Kerri M Shaffer, 121 Linden Street, ¼ int $20,750.
2-17-17 Faye Conquest Schlatter to Kerri M Shaffer, 121 Linden Street, 1/4 int $20,750.
2-17-17 Estate of Linda M Conquest to Kerri M Shaffer, 121 Linden Street, ½ int $41,500.
2-17-17 Matthew W and Julie A Reynolds to Marilyn K Wamement, 250 West Lakeshore Drive Apt A, $112,000.
2-17-17 Alvin G and Judy L Ward to Marty Folger, 230 Linden Street, $56,600.

Salem Township
2-13-17 OHGC INC to Richard C and Sandra J Lenke, 0 County Route 17, new split $130,000.

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