Real estate transfers

Allen Township
2-10-17 Rob W and Kristen R Orians to Westen W Frantz, 5456 North Nissen Road, $65,000.

Benton Township
2-7-17 Donald Alan and Michelle M Tabbert to Anthony D Spurgeon, 4379 North Stange Road, $130,000.

Bay Township
2-6-17 Thurman W and Patsey R Garrett to Paul E Prusik and andrea M Angers-Prusik, 2835 West Toledo Street, $195,000.
2-6-16 Winke Rentals LLC to Thomas W and Diane J Hartman, 1686 Mulcahey Road, $65,000.

Catawba Township
2-7-17 Lillian A Keil to William L and Cassandra Bishop, 5575 East Mabel Drive, $175,000.
2-7-17 Sally L Gyebnar to First National Bank of Bellevue, 2014 NE Catwba Road, $20,000.
2-8-17 Noble J Sherck to James E and Susan Knisley, 3883 NE Catawba Road, $295,000.
2-10-17 Walter A and Cindy M Pigeon to Judith R Stadler, 4990 East Blue Heron Drive, $445,000.

Danbury Township
2-6-17 McEndeavor Ltd to John B Solecki Jr and Debra Sue Solecki, 1432 Buck Road, $140,000.

Genoa Corp.
2-7-17 Jeffrey and Virginia Feller to Steven R Almendinger, 416 Castle Cove, new split $6,000.

Marblehead Corp
2-10-17 John W and Joanne M Shearer to Charles and Lenore Oley, 104 Cottage Drive, $66,000.

Port Clinton Corp
2-7-17 Michael P Tilson to Marc and Blanca Lawrence, 515 West 3rd Street, $58,001.
H B Magruder Memorial Hospital to Southpointe PC LLC, Fulton Street, 22.45 AC $500,000.

Portage Township
2-6-17 Jancor Properties LTD to Michael’s Anything Automotive LTD, 0 Plasterbed Road, new split $10,000.

Put In Bay Village School
2-7-17 Nadine, Matthew, Sarah Druliner, John Robert Bogue to Mark Nemec, 0 Mitchell, $110,000.

Salem Township
2-10-17 Paul Gottron to Sean Casey, 9505 Portage River South Road, $65,000.
2-10-17 Sean Casey to Matthew J and Lisa A Benner, 9505 Portage River South Road, $82,500.

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