Real estate transfers

Allen Township
1-23-17 Mary Ellen King to Ramie and Kimberly A Fisher, 19867 West Curtice East & West Road, $35,000.
1-24-17 Wilma J Smith to Matthew T and Kylie D Birchenough, 24760 State Route 51, $68,000.
1-25-17 Patricia A Chafin to Michael G and Emily J Laughlin, 0 West Walbridge East Road, $21,000.
2-1-17 Mark P Allred Sr to Wells Fargo Bank, 21238 West Trowbridge Road, $56,667.

Bay Township
1-24-17 Tylor and Dian Franks to Sally Ann Favro, 891 South Wonnell Road, $158,000.

Carroll Township
1-24-17 Alan R and Adrienne A Volin to Steve L Neff, 6310 North Harris Harbor Road, $41100.
1-25-17 Brian M Koontz to The Sand Beach Company, 7960 Sand Beach Road, $4,200.
1-25-17 Brian M Koontz to The Sand Beach Company, 0 Sand Beach Road, $4,200.
2-2-17 Ralph E and Lois R Walters to Gwendolyn Buford, 8836 W Canada Goose Court, $50,000.

Catawba Township
1-23-17 Albert F Layton to Kenneth C Setze, 4750 East Island Pine Drive, $285,000.
1-31-17 Christopher and Kimberly I Redfern to Evon Kademenos, 4269 E The Valley Road, $650,000.

Clay Township
1-24-17 Ryan D Shields to Kaitlyn L Loskorn, 2863 North 1st Street, $52,000.

Danbury Township
1-24-17 Dale D Hoover to Waters Edge Retreat LLC, 311 North Pine Drive #C, $74,000.
1-24-17 DC Investors Inc to Dale D Hoover, 326,328,330 & 332 North Lake Pine Drive, $251,000.
1-24-17 Carolyn J Rozko to John R and Pamela S Allen, 344 Vine Street, $260,000.
1-27-17 Spotted Dog Properties LLC to McElheny & Associates LLP, 5831 East Harbor Road Unit C-8, $66,000.
Mark A and Kathleen A Sawka to Zakarowsky Family Revocable Living Trust, 2330 S Commodore Court, $400,000.

Erie Township
1-24-17 Vivian J Doust to Richard J and Peggy Ann Bodi, 1543 North Camp Eastern Road, $42,500.
2-2-17 Kenjohny Company LLC to David S Williams, 3930 St Rt 2, Unit C102, $19,000.

Marblehead Corp
1-26-17 James Dennis and Lisa Louise Charbonneau to Edward Urbanek, 4555 East Forest Glen Lane, $695,000.
1-31-17 Doris C Stamm to 725 Lake Street LLC, 725 Lake Street, $535,000.

Oak Harbor Corp
1-25-17 Robin L Kerbel to Philip J DeLuca, 601 North Locust Street, $10,000.
1-27-17 Ashley K and Jordan Eilich to Valerie A Boehler, 119 West Park Street, $1-2,000.
2-1-17 Kenneth M and Kim I Perkins to Scott E Haubert, 304 N Church Street, $115,500.
2-1-17 Patrick A and Kathleen J Winters to Christopher T and Kelly M Hepner, 509 N Church Street, $125,000.

Port Clinton Corp
1-23-17 Jeffrey R and Saundra F Campbell to David L Beddow, 272 Clinton Reef, $135,000.
1-25-17 Brian P Priebe to Paul A and Colleen Kasper, 813 East Third, $16,500.
1-25-17 Khodi Rentals LLC to Michael W and Leslie E Benton, 215 ½ Harrison Street, $27,000.
2-2-17 Ronald E and Thelma Landrum to Charles A Chaffin, 316 Linden Street, $53,000.
2-3-17  Dorene E Harden to SK2 Properties LLC, 1154 Hickory Grove Road, $150,000.
2-3-17 Zbigniew W and Stasia Chrapkiewicz to Joanna L Morrow, 217 Adams Street, $136,000.

Put In Bay Village School
1-24-17 Brothers Island Properties Inc to Gina M Trebilcock, 0 West Shore, $95,000.
1-31-17 Debora A Ferrell to Marisa E Rence and Linda H Rence, 1900 Put in Bay Road, $335,000.

Salem Township
1-27-17 William B and Michele L Hollister to Joseph C and Lori K Gast, 9671 West Moonlight Bay Lane, $223,000.
2-2-17 Chad L Bahnsen to Steven R and Andrea S Wagner, 2234 and 2240 South Mud Creek Road, $100,000.
2-3-17 Jacob E and Krista Hasselbach to Alexis M Huntebrinker, 3131 S St Rt 19, $47,700.

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