Real estate transfers

Allen Township
1-19-17 New York Community Bank to Thomas D and Joann R Dillon, 2219 West Red Clover Lane, $285,000.

Catawba Township
1-17-17 Brad F and Sonja M Boliski to Curtis J and Kristine White, 2820D Canterbury Circle, $236,000.
1-17-17 Curtis J and Kristine White to Nathan E and Christine N Miller, 4391 East Laurel Ridge Drive, $370,000.
1-17-17 Gloria J Rogers to Kenneth Stanley Spero, 2268 NW Catawba Road, $205,000.
1-17-17 Stonehenge Investments LLC to Michael Voll, 4212 East Park, $262,000.

Clay Township
1-17-17 Edward W Nottage Jr and Diane J Nottage to Timothy R Simpson and Chelsey R Butler, 19880 North Martin Williston , $190,000.

Danbury Township
1-17-17 Paul D and Claudia Jaskulski to Adam J and Gordana M Noblitt, 5100 East Harbor Road, $137,900.
1-17-17 John R and Julie R Cross to Joe S and Celestial A Bremer, 317 Maple Avenue #7, $91,000.
1-19-17 Gregory n and Susan E Deerhake to William E and Margret A Klaehn, 179 East Erie Beach Road, $140,000.
1-20-17 Christ T Millinger, Dale A and Davina Gulau and Mark Gulau to Charles B and Ruth A Scott, 0 Von Glahn, $50,000.

1-18-17 OPM Homes LLC to Jonathon A Caraballo and Amber E Frisch, 312 Fremont Street, $114,000.

Genoa Corp
1-19-17 Roland A and Marilyn Henderson to Douglas J Everett, 416 Superior Street, $65,000.

Marblehead Corp
1-17-17 Martin J and Jane J Eble to Christopher and Dennise K Pivarchy, 3051 South Confererate, $192,000.
1-17-17 Ursula A Loudin and Shelia F Moon to John E Zyweic, 125 Alexander Pike, $120,000.
1-18-17 Myra L Prokop to Easy Wind Inn, LLC, 10526 East Bayshore Road, $382,500.

Port Clinton Corp
1-18-17 Daniel J Timmons II to Raya L Henricks, 424 West Third Street, $93,000.

Portage Township
1-18-17 Scott A and Cynthia J Emch to Lenair Robertson Sr and Azalia D Robertson, 2206 East Harbor Road, $133,000.
1-20-17 Storage Condominium Inc to Robert Speck, 4125 E Kirk Road, #240, $47,848.
1-20-17 Storage Condominium Inc to Robert Speck, 0 E Kirk Road, Unit 30, $57,025.

Put In Bay Village School
1-17-17 Gwendolyn S Manter, Robert A Manter and Mary L Manter to Case Ventures LLC, 1108 Langram Road, $540,000.

Put In Bay Corp
1-17-17 Donna M DeVaughn to Michael P and Ann M Belanger, 96 Toledo, $139,000.

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