Marriage licenses

Michael Wheeler, 39, laborer and Angela Hofacker, 37, social worker, both of Port Clinton.
Michael Guiher, 42, manufacturer and Lisa Moulder, 46, nurse aide, both of Port Clinton.
David Durst, 73, retired and Patricia Isaman, 69, retired, both of Port Clinton.
David Stacklin, 37, teacher and Stephanie Fielding, 37, operations manager, both of Genoa.
Jeffery Bair, 31, manager and Mariah Scurry, 22, both of Port Clinton.
Joshua Crawford, 40, laborer and Shandell Salyers, 31, manufacturing/production, both of Port Clinton.
James King, 42, mechanic and Allison Schultz, 28, operator, both of Port Clinton.
William Ramierz, 22, and Vanessa Cheatham, 21, gas station clerk, both of Curtice.
Kara Hellwig, 24, PCA kennel cleaner and Leslee Scaggs, 27, nurse aid, both of Clay Center.

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