Marriage licenses

Michael Barr, Jr., 31, CEO and Carrie Stratton, 30, customer both of Elmore.

Amanda Krzystan, 36, attorney, of Marblehead, and Bridget Andrews, 40, EHS&S manager, of Dublin.

Jonathan Gregg, 32, longshoreman and Jennifer Schnipke, 33, office manager both of Williston.

Damyn Earl, 22, conductor and Ashley Allred, 21, bank teller both of Genoa.

Dillon Pollard, 20, college student of Oak Harbor and Emily Merris, 20, college student of Landisville, PA.

Jeffrey Helline, 58, captain of Marblehead and Susan Molony, 53, server of Woodhaven, MI.

Robert Lingohr, Sr., 48, HVAC tech and Wendi Fisher, 48, CEO both of Curtice.

John Stephenson, 34, self-employed and Brooke Kilmer, 38, insurance agent both of Port Clinton.

Michael Buehler, 28, construction and Robin Camp, 24, stay at home mom both of Lacarne.

Ryan Gargas, 28, farmer/firefighter and Samantha Manley, 26, com credit analyst/banker both of Genoa.

Douglas Wilcox, 37, factory and Jennifer Peters, 37, accounting clerk both of Oak Harbor.

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