Marriage licenses

Todd Blumensaadt, Jr., 27, laborer and Courtney Wright, 33, bartender, both of Put-in-Bay.

Justin Cornell, 44, general manager and Connie O’Bryan, 43, general manager, both of Clay Center.

Stephen Kozlok, 33, web designer and Cynthia Estevanes, 31, consultant/travel agent, both of Port Clinton.

Jason Kraus, 36, civil engineer and Jennifer Vetter, 30, teacher, both of Carlsbad, CA.

Dustin Britton, 31, QA and safety coordinator and Casey Vaughn, 26, USAF military, both of Port Clinton.

Ronald Henry, 53, self-employed and Michele Ohl, 50, postal worker, both of Port Clinton.

Michael Kersten, 29, journeyman tool and dye and Jessica Jaegly, 30, diagnostic scheduler, both of Graytown.

Louis Calvero, 31, electrician and Ann Hicks, 31, babysitter, both of Genoa.

Curtis Schlea, 27, teacher and Abbey Floro, 26, nurse, both of Elmore.

Jay Potter, 27, maintenance technician of McClure and Rebecca Sheehy, 24, teacher of Genoa.

Michael Guy, 31, dispatcher and Amanda Makin, 29, customer service, both of Curtice.

Ronald Potter, 38, materials specialist and Amanda Sizemore, 30, both of Oak Harbor.

Charles Klein, III, 36, and Terra Wilson, 29, housekeeper, both of Marblehead.

Jeffrey Dougherty, 55, disability and Shari Albright, 52, general manager, both of Williston.

Jonathan Weir, 35, electrician and Teresa Kania, 34, dental hygienist, both of Graytown.

Kevin Young, 25, nuclear security officer and Emily Bast, 23, dental hygienist, both of Oak Harbor.

Daniel Baker, 30, project manager and Brittany Golden, 21, accountant, both of Port Clinton.

Shaun Yurista, 27, laser operator and Rachel Schimming, 26, cosmetologist, both of Elmore.

David Kerscher, 55, retired electrician and Jane Ties, 57, call center representative, both of Oregon, WI.

Paul Dugan, 58, hood cleaner and Michelle Luebcke, 51, waitress, both of Port Clinton.

Jeremiah Helle, 23, US Navy Supply Corps and Rachel Hegemier, 25, student, both of Port Clinton.

John Madison, Jr., 23, mechanical engineer and Cheyenne Brumfield, 22, both of Oak Harbor.

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