Marriage licenses

Dennis Dudrow, Jr., 27, electrician of Genoa and Joyce Stasa, 26, nursing assistant of Swanton.

Dustin Mitchell, 28, mechanic and Emily Tennant, 27, STNA, both of Marblehead.

Jaime Mendoza, Jr., 28, water treatment operator and Julia Yoss, 24, registered nurse, both of Oak Harbor.

Robert McIntyre, IV, 31, business insurance underwriter and Alicia Miller, 28, massage therapist, both of Raleigh, NC.

Timothy Reed, 53, self-employed and Candace Krabill, 45, licensed nursing home, both of Genoa.

Christopher Singerling, 44, senior director of political and Jessica Karazsia, 41, marketing and sales director, both of Alexandra, VA.

Benjamin Andryc, 25, robot technician and Courtney Atwater, 24, student, both of Genoa.

Kevin Bringe, 51, farmer and Donna Henninger, 51, food clerk, both of Martin.

William Carpenter, 25, concrete smasher and Grace Ramsdell, 25, rock painter, both of Lexington, KY.

Keith Sloan, 66, retired of Port Clinton and Ellen Garlitz, 64, insurance of Olmsted Falls.

Travis Swihart, 34, US military and Sierra Gandee, 26, server and bartender, both of Oak Harbor.

Joseph Vargo, 46, laborer and Denese Lafferty, 48, office manager, both of Curtice.

Kurtis Tallman, 22, electrician and Chavely Figueredo Garcia, 27, nurse aide, both of Oak Harbor.

Matthew Buckley, 34, painter of Marblehead and Paula Appleman, 31, unit secretary of Port Clinton.

Lance Woodworth, 46, manager and Melissa Hoeber, 27, registered nurse, both of Marblehead.

David Greeno, 43, plumber HVAC and Susan Baldridge, 47, self-employed, both of Oak Harbor.

William Wagoner, Jr., 28, truck driver and Jennifer Treece, 28, hair dresser/homemaker, both of Martin.

Joshua Mortiz, 26, boat mechanic and Janelle Lawson, 27, lab technician, both of Marblehead.

Mark Prevost, 53, philanthropist and Brigid McKale, 32, sales, both of Port Clinton.

Ryan Portales, 28, mechanic/general manager and Gina Cutcher, 31, stay at home mom, both of Oak Harbor.

Corey Harder, 26, maintenance and Allison Maier, 23, assistant, both of Genoa.

Michael Sakal, 42, service manager and Brittany Orris, 31, united coordinator, both of Marblehead.

Kevin Miller, 25, drywall hanger and Nicole Buchanan, 25, dental hygienist, both of Elmore.

Richard Morgan, 60, retired and Jeanne English, 63, retired, both of Port Clinton.

Graydon Gulvas, 23, sous chef and Zana Shriver, 28, cook, both of Graytown.

Brady Krupp, 26, electrician and Samantha Porter, 27, social worker, both of Oak Harbor.

Joshua Stockmaster, 24, field engineer and Samantha Hill, 25, intervention specialist, both of Graytown.

William Rettig, 46, grocery and Louise Berhent, 42, STNA, both of Marblehead.

Harry Jack Johann Yancey, 58, factory worker of Port Clinton and Melissa Roundell, 53, lab technician of Oak Harbor.

Shawn Weagley, 27, metal fabricator and Lauren Cerbus, 30, teacher’s assistant, both of Port Clinton.

Joshua McGinnis, 24, pilot and Rachel Martien, 26, accountant, both of Port Clinton.

McKala Beltowski, 21 and Kayla Fisher, 24, dietary aide, nursing, both of Oak Harbor.

Richard Hill, 28, mail carrier and Ashley Carr, 27, art teacher, both of Williston.

Branden Boulerisse, 24, carpenter and Kara Harmeyer, 23, library clerk, both of Genoa.

Joshua Silverwood, 25, painter and Desere Swartz, 24, manager, both of Port Clinton.

Joshua Hille, 27, pharmacist of Curtice and Heather Wilson, 25, radiologic technologist of Genoa.

Jason Faust, 46, plant operator and Heather Cox, 40, receptionist, both of Port Clinton.

John Grieve, 24, firefighter and Amber Millhouse, 24, bank teller, both of Marblehead.

Adam Baxter, 26 and Ariana Johnson-Kovacs, 23, both of Oak Harbor.

Jacob Smith, 32, supervisor and Paige Mier, 27, nurse, both of Oak Harbor.

Jared Auer, 27, laborer and Megan Brossia, 26, surgical technologist, both of Elmore.

Brandon Massay, 31, craft vendor and Tiffany Webb, 27, craft vendor, both of Ann Arbor, MI.

Brian Neff, 36, mason and Emily Frias, 33, deli head, both of Port Clinton.

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