Marriage licenses

Michael Drum, 32, musician and Sarah Jones, 23, cosmetologist, both of Port Clinton.

Arthur West III, 46, welder and Tracie Grotz, 33, both of Port Clinton

Michael Molnar, 26, mechanical designer and Janey Sopko, 26, administrative secretary, both of Genoa.

Jarred Molesky, 28, Ottawa County Soil and Water and Corinne Diefenthaler, 33, registration specialist, both of Oak Harbor.

Kevin Scarpino, 33, range operations and Tiffany Gobmeier, 28, veterinary technician, both of Port Clinton.

Thomas Siloy, 26, treasurer and Taylor Biggert, 24, teacher, both of Oak Harbor.

Jimrod Sumalpong, 30, and Margot Monte, 26, machine packaging technician, both of Genoa.

Derrick Alban, 40, retail and Angel Timmons, 24, retail, both of Port Clinton.

Michael Rospert, 32, highway worker and Lauren Cunningham, 32, x-ray technician, both of Genoa.

Matt Welker, 54, assembler and Lisa Warner, 52, both of Genoa.

Brett Grieser, 28, sales and Melissa Richards, 21, homemaker, both of Polk City, IA.

Troy Whiteside, 36, City of Port Clinton and Lori Hernandez, 43, registered nurse, both of Oak Harbor.

David Robeano, 45, hospitality professional and Sean Thomas-Breitfeld, 37, non-profit director, both of New York, NY.

Daniel Whiting, 38, truck driver, of Port Clinton, and Bridget Druckenbrodt, 36, respiratory therapist, of Lawton, MI.

Christopher Spangler, 27, office manager and Kathy Bockey, 30, teacher, both of Oak Harbor.

Jesse Baker, 24, supply chain leader and Emily George, 22, bookkeeper, both of Oak Harbor.

Darryl Gould, 63, truck driver and Sonja Hilger, 46, driver, both of Martin.

William Dangel, 31, graduate student and Lauren Schaeffer, 27, graduate student, both of Redmond, WA.

Daniel Maciejewski, 23, of Lambertville, MI, and Sessely Schlipf, 22, student, of Port Clinton.

James Brand III, 28, mechanic and Brittany Baker, 28, manager, both of Oak Harbor.

Ray Reece, 51, service technician and Angela Dine, 53, cook, both of Marblehead.

Craig Oiler, 52, dentist, of Port Clinton, and Jennifer Hagen, 43, property manager, of Tiffin.

Christopher Moran, 32, insurance adjustor and Ashley Luplow, 34, social worker, both of Saginaw, MI.

Wyatt Baney, 20, cashier and Leah Evans, 19, cashier, both of Port Clinton.

Nicholas Berente, 27, yard manager and Kenzi Vonck, 26, customer service, both of Williston.

Thomas Mann, 52, truck driver and Kelly Stickler, 50, librarian, both of Millbury.

Adam Smercina, 23, graduate research assistant, of Elmore, and Darian Marinis, 22, graduate research assistant, of Oak Harbor.

Dennis Potridge Sr., 53, self-employed, of Genoa, and Anne Dreier, 51, of Millbury.

John McElmeel Jr., 38, electrical engineer and Charish Johnson, 35, occupational therapy, both of Brownstown, MI.

Sean Wunderle, 26, graduate student and Ashley King, 26, doctor/chiropractic student, both of Chesterfield, MO.

Dennis Trendel, 22, dispatcher and Morgan Boling, 21, pharmacy, both of Port Clinton.

Andrew Ramsey, 32, counselor and Angela Seger, 27, registered nurse, both of Port Clinton.

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