The American Flag

To Bob Walls, Sr.,

I enjoyed your article. You are absolutely right; our American flag definitely does not get the respect it deserves. That’s because it is not politically correct to hurt anybody’s feelings.

Like you, I also served in the military. The biggest highlight of the day was being in the squadron selected to take down our American flag at the close of the business day. You would stand at attention, salute and pay your respect to our American flag and the United States of America. That, my friend, is called being proud to be an American.

The hardest part of being in the military for me was when I was on the Base Honor Guard Team. We went to the funeral services for military personnel who had passed away. It was such a solemn ceremony, especially when they removed our American flag from the coffin, folded it and presented our American flag to the service member’s surviving family member. Almost every time, the person receiving the American flag would hug it. To this very day, whenever I hear Taps being played, I get chills.

Unfortunately, the people that do not show respect to the American flag, along with the arsonists that want to burn our American flag as a form of their demonstration, can only do so because people died so they could have that right. It is a shame that lives were sacrificed for people like this.

To the sports figures and others that refuse to stand for the National Anthem, you have that right as one of your freedoms of speech. And I have the right to tell you to get out of my country. See, it works both ways. I’m sure there’s nobody twisting your arm saying you have to stay here. It’s like at the movies, if you don’t like what’s showing, you can leave!

God bless the United States of America and our American flag,

Chester Chaffin
Port Clinton
Retired USAF Master Sergeant

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