The American Flag

To you citizens that ask why I no longer write letters to the editor, I can only say, all my letters do not get published. Maybe this one will.

I know I cannot name names, so I will just say-that person out in San Francisco that said the military has nothing to do with the flag does not know what he is talking about. The military has everything to do with the flag.

I spent two years in the Pacific during WWII and out flag was everywhere; over our ships, over our camps, and yes, over the bodies of our dead heroes that gave their lives so our flag could forever wave over the free.

To give you an idea on how much our flag meant to us during WWII, I am going to tell you about a day in Feb. 1945 when several trucks loaded with combat troops heading for the front lines went by our camp.

Even though they knew some of them would return in body bags, they were not serious and quiet, like they usually were. They were singing and cheering as loud as they could.

When we asked why they were so happy, they yelled the leathernecks just raised the flag at Iwo. Then we started celebrating also.

We all knew the fight for Iwo Jima was far from over, but we also knew the Japanese would never again burn or wipe their feet on our flag.

Twenty six thousand Americans died before Iwo Jima was taken. They died like hundreds of thousands of other Americans died during WWII, honoring and protecting our flag and what it stands for.

Now we do nothing but watch as our own people wipe their feet on our flag before burning it.

Most are young Americans that have given nothing to our country, but want everything from it.

Shame, shame, shame on us for allowing this to happen.

Bob Walls, Sr.
Port Clinton

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