Those fallen will forever hold a place in history


Millions of American soldiers have given their lives in battle for their country. Because of this, Americans have the freedoms that they have today. Memorial Day honors those fallen soldiers and thanks them for their sacrifice.

In Ottawa County there is rich history; especially history pertaining to the War of 1812. This year on Memorial Day, there was a ceremony held at Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial on Put-in-Bay honoring those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Treaty of Ghent which ended the War of 1812.

“We gather here in solemn remembrance,” said Reverend Mary Staley during the opening memorial prayer. “We pray to protect those in combat and violence.”

David Zavagno speaking at the Memorial Day ceremony on Put-in-Bay.

Next, David Zavagno, President of the Lake Erie Heritage Foundation, spoke. Zavagno was the spearhead of the Battle of Lake Erie reenactment in 2013 that brought thousands of history buffs and boaters to our area.

“The Battle of Lake Erie helped turn a corner in our nation’s history,” said Zavagno. “We have a plaque thanking those who helped with the bicentennial reenactment that we would like to present.”

“Thank you for standing with us to remember that our flag is still there,” said Zavagno.

Those attending the ceremony walked from the monument to De Rivera Park where a special plaque was unveiled honoring those who helped with the bicentennial reenactment.

Also speaking at the event were: Senior Chief Baney of the US Navy, Captain John Little Coast Guard 9th district Chief of Staff, Dennis Moore Public Affairs Officer Consulate General of Canada and Barbara Fearon a representative of the Nation Park Service.

The crowd then migrated from Perry’s Monument to De Rivera Park where the plaque honoring those who gave their time and efforts to executing the bicentennial reenactment.
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