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WHEW, this will be a busy summer season for the Port Clinton Lighthouse and we hope that you, your family, and your visitors will be an active part of our plans for the upcoming months.

First, you can count on us to have a spot at each of the Greater Port Clinton Arts Council’s Art Walks that will be held on the fourth Thursday of every month beginning in May. At that first Art Walk we hope to introduce a few items that we will be featuring throughout the summer including Port Clinton Lighthouse note cards, t-shirts, mugs, magnets, and a host of other items we hope will help support the initiatives associated with the Lighthouse Park area improvements (boathouse, path around Derby Pond, and extensive landscaping features) we will begin to undertake this summer.

We may also have available the first printing of “Lights at the Portage – A History of the Port Clinton Light Station – 1833-1952” which was written by Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy President Richard Norgard and contains a thorough history of our lighthouse accompanied by numerous photos and extensive documentation. It is a quality publication that will trumpet our locale treasure.

Of course we will have a presence at the 37th Annual Main Street Port Clinton Walleye Festival that will be held from May 25 through May 29. We will have a booth at the Festival itself and the Port Clinton Lighthouse will be open throughout most of the afternoon hours the Festival is in operation. Additionally our conservancy members will be bartending at the concert venue during one of the sessions and we will be sure to let you know when that occurs. Bartending tips of the financial variety will be channeled to improvements in the Lighthouse Park area.

Please be sure to mark Saturday, August 5, down in your calendar as that is our First Annual Port Clinton Lighthouse Festival and it will be a terrific event for our community. Detailed information about events during that day will be provided in future monthly Beacon updates.
For now, we plan to be open from noon through four o’clock every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from Memorial through Labor Day. Depending on the availability of Docent volunteers, we may extend those days to include Thursdays and Mondays. Docent training will begin later this month and will consist of a two hour session held at the Library along with a one hour session at the Lighthouse. If you have already indicated an interest in Docenting you will be personally contacted and if you wish to be added to our list of people notified about training, the easiest way to contact us is through our website at We will begin to update the website daily in mid-April and any additional opening times, docent training times, and all other information will be available on that website.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or comments, you can contact us through the provided contact link on the website, drop us a note at PC Lighthouse at PO Box 389 – Port Clinton – 43452, or by simply tapping the shoulders of one of our Conservancy members (Richard Norgard, Debbie Hymore-Tester, Alex Thomas, Jordan Davenport, Darrell Brand, Brooke Brown, John Smothers, Kathy Mehl, Bill Moon, Bob Butcher, Kyle Johannsen, Doug Garrett).

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